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Updating Kitcthen w/ new sink and faucet

You guessed it...fist time homeowner

We are updating our kitchen with new countertops, which led to new sink, new faucet and insinkerator.

Plumber visited us today, and gave an estimate of $1,500.

This sounded outrageously high considersing we have already bought faucet, insinkerator, etc.

Is this the ballpark for price range or should we just keep looking?

Re: Updating Kitcthen w/ new sink and faucet

what all is in the plumber's scope of work? you didn't mention the sink, is he suppling that? and if he is what kind of sink? is he doing disconnect and reconnect with you providing all the fixtures? I ask all this because if he is providing the sink, depending on the sink it can be rather expensive. for instance copper sinks can run more than 1500 and even some of the upper level stainless steel undermounts that I handle can be close to 900 suggested retail. (for my granite coustomers it is much less)

Re: Updating Kitcthen w/ new sink and faucet

thanks for getting back to me.

the sink is already installed, so essentially it is installing insinkerator, hooking the dishwasher back up, installing faucet and converting from what was a single sink previously to double sink, in which the baby sink will need the strainer.

Re: Updating Kitcthen w/ new sink and faucet

I would get a second price

Re: Updating Kitcthen w/ new sink and faucet

If you are providing all the fixtures and equipment I'd agree that that seems high. Is there any additional drain work because of a deeper sink. What shape are the holes in the countertop in. Besides round are they straight ? Is the space underneath dificult to work in Are they too big? Did the countertop guy give you the old " I drilled them the 1 1/4 industry standard bit that really makes a 1 3/8 to 1 1/2 inch hole is the top 3 CM or 5 CM or is it some odd super thick slab. Is this a fire clay farm sink that requires a shelf and additionl reinforcement to support it. What kind of shape and location is the water in does it need to be relocated to not entangle or snag the pull out. What all is the plumber going to do for $1500. Are you pulling him off of his schedule. I know some plumbers who will give a rediculos price instead of saying NO. If they accept then dang if they go away that's okay too.

Re: Updating Kitcthen w/ new sink and faucet

Could be he has a payment due on his Rolls.:eek: This should easily be DIY stuff.

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