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update "to code"

I am so fed up with my electrical inspector! I now have 3 things I have to do before my old house is up to code. from his cards
1. i think he wants me to put in another ground rod, (i have one outside that hooks into the the meter socket)what i am understanding he wants that ground to be hooked up to the fuse box or do i have to put in another ground rod that hooks to the fuse box??
2. My fuse box is in me cloths closet, however i plan on taking the closet frame and door off to make it a cubby hole in my room, this seems to me like it would work right??? the closet is about 4ft long by 3ft deep this will work for a little cuddy hole insted of a closet???
3. My ground wire for my cold water pipe runs off the pipe going in to the water heater, from there it goes up a wall into my bedroom to the fuse box, the wall it goes up just happens to be the wall between the hallway and bathroom. the inspeort says this needs to be moved, i am lost on that unless i can leave the ground hooked to that pipe run in across the hallway into the 2nd bedroom then to my fuse box threw that wall. would this work as well with the other repairs?????
Thanks alot to all that answer this house in a big pain!! Thanks!

Re: update "to code"

1. Yes most jurisdictions require a ground wire from the panel to a ground electrode not just the water line.

2. If I remember correctly you need a clearance the size of the panel or 30" which ever is larger and the panel can not be installed in a closet.

3. Not sure why you would need to move the ground wire.


Re: update "to code"

Welcome to our world. :eek:

Inspectors seem to make stuff up at random, and pick and choose which parts of the code they will follow that day. Its truly aggravating.

I once got red tagged and had to pull a plumbing permit because 1 of 11 toilets in an office had the water level in the tank a smidge too high for the inspectors taste. He forbade me from bending the brass rod myself.

Re: update "to code"

jacks corrcect, i had to do the same things when i bought my house. the fuse box was in the cabinet next to the sink... major no no. the panel must be a minimum of 8 ft from a water source plus it was hidden in a cabinet. youll also probably be looking at updating to a breaker panel from the outdated fuse box

reason being the panel cant be in a closet is that in the case of a fire they may have to shut down the power to the house to reduce chance of any arcing

jacks got the ground rod info correct as well

electrical codes are very strict, they dont mess around with risk of fire

when it comes to inspectors screwing people around its more with the carpentry side of things as many of the codes are "open to interpretation" meaning things can be done different ways pending the situation

Re: update "to code"

Thanks to everyone but im not sure if i can take that closet out and it will be ok for the inspector. And what to do about the ground wire for the cold water pipe, just move it away from the bathroom wall?

Re: update "to code"

well, dont remove the closet, have an electrician move the panel. there might be enough wire to move it just outside the closet without having to create a bunch of junction points, meaning the possibility of cutting some length off the wires, it just depends where the feeds are.

your best bet call an electrician and get quotes. you wont know how much its going to cost from posting here, youll need contractors to come in and look at whats there

Re: update "to code"

All good answers, the "ground wire" unless it's attached to a metal water pipe within 5 feet of the place it enters the house, is actually called a "bond".

The inspector has probably tagged it because it's not properly installed or in-accessable, but it appears you will need an electrician and he will probably spot the problem right away.

It's a tough pill to swallow, but remember the Code is the minimum acceptable wiring standard. As I tell the inspectors "I never follow the Code..I exceed it".

Good Luck from Columbiana, Alabama
Maurice Turgeon, thesemi-retiredelectrician.com

Re: update "to code"

i like what you tell em
people ask me if i cut corners, i tell i do it all the time only i mitre the outside ones and cope the inside ones.

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