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Unusually Stubborn Kitchen Sink Clog


My kitchen sink is a double sink with a garbage disposal on one side. Last month, the sink was slow and then clogged up completely. In that 1.5" pvc line was a broken seal so I decided to cut out the whole section with the break and replace it. For unimportant reasons, this took over two weeks. The pipes that were cut out has all manner of smelly gunk on the bottom half of them. These pieces were put aside in my basement, with the intent of me throwing it all out once the repairs were complete. After the first week, I noticed that all the gunk in the pipes had solidified completely. This gunk was now a solid mass that looked like black plastic. This black stuff separated from the interior of the pipe and after it was removed the pipes looked almost new - completely white. These black pieces came out by the foot.

The pipe was eventually fixed and two Y pieces was installed, so the pipes can be snaked in line with the water or backwards to the sink/disposal. Now it's about a month after the repair and the water is backing up again. Between the double Y and sink is a pair of 90 degree bends about a foot apart. I think the problem is that when the pipes were dry for those two weeks, the gunk solidified and these large pieces are stuck by those 90's. There is a few bends directly under the sink, at least one 90, and I cannot get a snake to go through them.

My snake is twenty three feet long wrapped in a plastic sheath with an open corkscrew boring head, chucked into a cordless drill. When I snake backwards, at some point I pierce though the clog and all the water comes to me via this plastic sheath. I keep a pair of 5 gallon buckets nearby and use them to catch the water. I think that the original clog was never completely removed and now that black stuff has compounded the problem. Over the course of this fiasco, I've used various drain unclogging products as well as acid safe for pvc (I cannot recall which). Just yesterday I used Liquid Plumr Foaming Pipe Snake with no evidence of effect.

The kitchen is cantilevered over my back patio and I cannot get underneath it to access the pipes from there.

I've seen professional snakes where the head was circular, like a forstner bit, with little bits of chain on it. I've been wondering if attaching a small length of chain to the boring head of my snake would work.

Does anyone have any advice on what I can use to clear my blockage and get my pipes running normally again?


Paul :confused:

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