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Re: Unsolvable Rain Gutter Problem
Fencepost wrote:

Maybe you need a gargoyle.

I gargoyle with Listerine every morning- well most of them anyway.

I've seen my share of rotten design work and poorly executed craftsmanship cause roof related problems. Having inadequate downspouts is so common most folks think you're trying to rip them off and when you suggest more or bigger then they complain when their own choice of constraints doesn't work. You get it from all sides in this business :(

Not seeing pics or having more details I don't see how any of us can understand the OP's problem at this point so that prevents anyone from giving them the best solution no matter how much experience you have in the field. None of us has seen it all and we all learn things from each other as we try to help the DIY'ers and harried homeowners who turn to us for assistance. In keeping our responses in the open we can double-check each other and share product knowledge not only among ourselves but with the world of folks who come here. There's nothing in these forums which needs to be kept secret save for personal info- there are no real trade or product secrets in this business, only things and techniques we may not yet have heard of. Lets keep it in the open so I can learn things too :)

And I hope the OP will post those pics for us- we have a really great bunch of folks here with more experience and knowledge about old houses (and newer ones too) than any other place I've seen on the web. Let's try to keep that stellar record going!



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