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unlevel floor transition help!

We have a 35 year old house. We recently pulled up the carpet in the formal dining room that we use as an office due to pet smells in the corner. Our plan is to put down floating cork planks.

The living room is an L shape with the short part of the L being the formal dining room or our office and the area we are working on (10feet by 18feet). The kitchen has one wall adjacent to dining room with small open doorway into dining room and one wall adjacent to living room with door into living room. THe last 6 feet of the 18 feet length was once a covered porch and approx 8 years ago a previous owner enclosed the area and expanded the kitchen and dining area.

Here is the issue. At some point the house has slumped and the subfloor is very unlevel in the office/dining room. It slants to the interior wall adjacent to kitchen and to the outside end wall where the porch was enclosed. It is fairly level from the outer wall to middle of room (off by 1/8 to 1/4 inch) but then from center of room to interior wall it is off by 1 3/4 to 2 inches.

We see one option of ripping everything up and jacking up the wall that has sunk. BUT when they enclosed the porch and remodeled the kitchen something was done to get the counters and floor in the kitchen area level. I worry if we jack up the wall then we will have to redo the kitchen ???? Plus not sure we have the $$ to have someone do this and not sure if we can do it ourselves.

The other preferred option is to build up the floor in the office/dining room area. We can remove the 5/8 boards there now and put in new level subfloor. Or we can just put a new subfloor down and level it. BUT then we have an issue of how to deal with the transition between that room and kitchen which would be 1 1/4 to 2 inches higher (depending on how we do the new subfloor) than kitchen floor at the open doorway. Is there a way to make this transition look okay??? We will also have an issue with the rest of the living room but eventually we will put cork out there so I think it is less of a worry. My kids love to run the circle thru kitchen to office/dining room thru living room. I don't want to have them tripping all the time at the doorway between the kitchen and office/dining room.

I guess if we can't figure it out we could leave it as is and just put new carpet down BUT I really don't want to do this!!

We have only owned this house for a year and plan to stay for a while.

All advice is welcome!!

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