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Unknown pipe crack

Hi there--

Recently we had a leak in our basement, and upon opening the wall found that the pipe had cracked. After figuring out that it was a waste pipe for the kitchen above, we called a plumber who came and replaced that section of pipe as well as one right above it where another crack had formed.

This image is of the lower crack. You can see at the top of the picture, the next segment of the pipe curves back into the concrete, where it is followed by another curve that sends the pipe up the wall. The second crack is on the pipe heading up immediately after the second curve.

This has been repaired, but upon questioning the plumber, he has no clue what caused it. Unfortunately, the insurance company would like a list of possible causes, and I have nothing to tell them. Does anyone have any ideas?


A. Spruce
Re: Unknown pipe crack

There was a period of time in the late 80's when there were a lot of ABS pipe failures. The solvent based glue designed to melt the pipe joints together made the pipe brittle wherever it pooled (normal squish out when assembling a joint ). As I recall it as a problem with the pipe formulation, not the glue itself.

Re: Unknown pipe crack

Thank you--

That was just the information I was looking for!

Re: Unknown pipe crack

If the pipe is embedded in concrete (as opposed to running through a sleeve in the concrete), settling could have caused the cracking.

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