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Unfinished Attic

I have an unfinished attic in a cape cod home. If finished it could be two additional rooms. However, we do not have the money to do this project (it has been like this for 22 years). Anyways, my wife & I would like to keep this as a bare boards attic. There is old insulation in the floors joists and I put down pine flooring, so it is fully floored. There is no other insulation up there. We took down anything that was there when we moved in the house because it was exposed and falling apart. Limited electric was placed and there is no heat. At this point, we basically would like to make this a "toys in the attic" place to go and some seasonal storage. We would like to know if it is safe to paint the inside roof rafters and walls to brighten up the interior area. If so is there a specific type of paint to use or not use.
We were concerned that painting the bare interior walls/sheathing/rafters could possibly cause a problem with seasonal temp. changes/breathing of the wood.
We will then put wall to wall carpet down or paint the pine I have already put down. Any advise would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Re: Unfinished Attic

any exterior primer and exterior paint will be fine.....no issues to be had

Re: Unfinished Attic

I would suggest that it's going to be near impossible to use the attic as even a temporary living/recreation space without installing blanket or sprayed foam insulation i(minimum R19/R34) in the rafters and gable end walls to counteract the terrific heat that comes from the summer sun/ as well as the bitter cold in winter---blanket insulation tends to fall out of the rafter sections from its own weight, so sprayed foam would probably be better.

Even at that, some accommodation for attic ventilation (you may well lose any eave vents in the remodeling process) at the roof peak & gable ends would have to be made to keep things comfortable in summer.

It's usually a much better idea for winter warmth to tie into the central heat system of the lower floor (or directly from the boiler/furnace), rather than using some space heater up there that would pose a fire hazard if not watched very carefully.

Re: Unfinished Attic

Use any type of paint you want if you just trying to brighten the place up.Maybe find a painter thats out of work and hire him/her to spray the paint on. There are plenty of tradesman out there that are looking for work in this jazzed up economy.

There are radiant barrier paints on the market also. Ive never used it but know Sherwin Williams sells it.

Re: Unfinished Attic

We are vented at each end and we also have an attic fan that goes on automatically in the summer when it starts to cook. Of course we have windows on each end too (these are new). The roof is new and was also vented. We have old fashioned radiator heat for down stairs and there was a pipe dropped through the floor in case we ever wanted to connect but again it would be a financial burden. And...no sense doing that if we knew we couldn't do more. We figured we would use the electric heater and only put it on when we are in the room and when we leave we would turn it off. We are not looking to do any hanging out for long periods it would basically just be for wife to enjoy her teddy bears and her other toys lol and as said before for some storage. We have had estimates before for finishing the attic as is (2 rooms) and then with two doggie dormers in the front (we always wanted them) but unfortunately we just can't do it.

Re: Unfinished Attic

You can use any exterior paint and primer as already stated. You need to be careful with the floors though, the insulation underneath needs to be ventilated, otherwise you could get a build up of moisture in the insulation. I am guessing that you put down plywood so I hope you left a gap so that the insulation is exposed where the roof gets too close to the floor to be of any use anyway.

For heat, I would suggest infrared lamps instead of a heater, they are more economical.

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