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Uneven porch floor suggestion

I need a suggestion for a floor in my house. The room is a second floor sleeping porch. Originally, this was an open balcony. Sometime around 1950 the balcony was enclosed, and an asbestos tile floor was installed on top of what looks like a rubber membrane. The balcony was not level because of water runoff. The tiles are coming off now, and need replaced with a different type of floor.

The floor mostly slopes away from the wall of the house, and from a high-ish point in the center. What type of floor should I put on this porch? I know I could do carpet fairly easily, but we don't really want carpet on a porch. Same thing with vinyl tile. What we really want is a wood floor of some type. How would I install it? There is no sub-floor. Would I have to lay down plywood? Floor leveling compound? How would I attach the new floor without there being a sub-floor?

Let me know your advice. The house is 1917; the dimensions of the porch are 8 x 17.

Re: Uneven porch floor suggestion

If at no time can the floor get wet, either from open windows or (and this happens a lot) the original sleeping porch floor boards extending to outdoors, you can do anything you like or can afford. You could correct the slope with shims and/or sleepers, and lay a fine wood floor or laminate or carpet,(maybe there isn't the necessary framing stiffness factor for tile).
But if the enclosure back in the 50's left the old porch floor ends exposed, you have to worry about letting the moisture that comes in there still be able to escape. A wood-to-wood sandwich, then, should be avoided; the sleepers would still be fine because that leaves a space for air movement.
If you wanted to preserve the old-school sleeping porch theme, you would get back to the old wood deck, and cover it with canvas, and then paint the canvas.

Re: Uneven porch floor suggestion

It seems to be pretty dry. The outside walls are vinyl sided, the inside walls are drywall with jalousie windows. I don't think there is any wood on the floor now, other than framing. I like the idea of using shims, I had thought of that too.

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