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Uneven plaster wall

In my parents kitchen there is an uneven plaster wall. They always have to put wall paper over it because it is uneven and bumpy. How do I level it out and make it look good? Thanks.


Re: Uneven plaster wall

If you can't sand it smooth, clean, scrape, and skim coat would probably be best.

Re: Uneven plaster wall

I will give that a try, thank you.

Re: Uneven plaster wall

To old uneven plaster wall that has been papered over in the kitchen. The reason that it is "bumpy" is that paper won't hold back deteriorating plaster. My solution was to knock out all the "bumps" and put up 24" Wide flashing that comes in rolls, cut it with tin snips as one would do with wallpaper, attach it with industrial strength adhesive, trim it with molding. Looks good, is fireproof,easy to clean, not hard to do,and looks like stainless steel. You might also try to see if there is brick behind some of it (old houses often had kitchen chimneys) that you could expose and paint. If too much stainless steel is not for you, there is also more expensive copper flashing, or you could leave one or two walls that are not exposed to as much heat and moisture and rough plaster and paint in the color of your choice to match or compliment molding.No pro, but been there, done it, and holds up well. Good luck.:)

Re: Uneven plaster wall

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