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Uneven Heating

Recently moved to NC. Have 1900 sq ft 2-story house with gas
forced air heat system. Slab foundation, no basement. Only path for hot air to rise is up stairwell, no volume ceilings. First
floor is usually about 10 degrees colder than second. CLosing
upstairs registers helped some, anyone have further ideas to
even out the temperature between the two floors?

Re: Uneven Heating

Is the furnace located on the main floor level?

Where are the heat vents and the cold air return vents located for the main floor level?

Re: Uneven Heating

Sometimes on the style home you have descibed the builder/HVAC contractor installs 1 unit in the attic and with a zone damper .
The zones don't always work to well or they leak by or break which effects the air distribution.I live in Charlotte and have seen this alot.

Re: Uneven Heating

The furnace is in the attic. The registers are in the ceilings,
the air conditioner uses the same ducts and registers.

Re: Uneven Heating

Unfortunately that type of system is almost counterproductive for a heating system
Since warm air rises most of the heat will be near ceiling level and it's difficult to push this air down. It's also likely you will notice the closer to the floor the colder it feels and likely your feet are always cold and you always feel chilly.

Since there is also an upstairs level it will be warmer than the lower level since warm air rises plus in this case because of the stairwell there will be a chimney effect.
What will happen is there will be convection currents of warm air rising up the stairwell and since cold air sinks will have cold convection air currents coming down the stairwell.

The possibility of ceiling fans on the main level may help to circulate the air warming things a bit more.


Have return air ducting placed on the main level lower down toward floor level to help draw the warm air down.


As mentioned earlier there may be issues with zone dampers not working or in place.

Hope this helps.:)

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