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Diana H.
Uneven hardwood floors and new baseboards

I need some HELP! Our new hard wood floors are SO uneven that the base boards are impossible to line up without leaving BIG gapping spaces between the floor and the baseboard. Especially in the corners. HELP! Any ideas how to fix?

Re: Uneven hardwood floors and new baseboards

You didn't have Home Depot do the installation did ya? kidding...kinda.
Sounds like a nightmare of an istallation.
Was it a prefinished floor?
Was it an unfinished floor that had to be sanded?
How long ago was it done?
Did the installer butt the boards "tight" to the walls? If so its done wrong. They will buckle up but that usually takes a little while.
You don't by chance mean the floor boards don't come close enough to the walls for the base molding to cover it do you?
Is it wavy or short to the walls?
I'm guessing you mean wavy.
What did the installer use as an underlayment?
Red rosin paper or felt paper? Did you notice if that was down smooth before the floor boards were in place?
Did he clean the subfloor really well first?
Did you get any kind of gauarantee I hope?
I don't wanna see you on Judge Judy now :cool:

Re: Uneven hardwood floors and new baseboards

Sounds to me like the floor was not leveled out before the wood was installed. Your best option (albeit annoying) is to pull up the floor and reinstall if you did it yourself. If you hired a contractor, have them come out and take care of it.

Re: Uneven hardwood floors and new baseboards

I agree, it sounds like the floor is uneven. Perhaps you're floor joists are uneven also. It's hard to say without seeing it. If you have to have the sub-floor re-leveled be sure to have a reputable contractor do it, someone licensed by you're state to do this type of work. Some people don't know or think they know what their doing. And get an estimate and and a guarentee IN WRITING. Good Luck!


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