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Unequal Riser Height for Front Porch Steps

What is the best way to correct unequal height in concrete block steps? One contractor states that he can remove the 4 ft long, inch thick, stone treads in one piece, cut the blocks to the correct height and then replace the treads. Another contractor states that there is no way that the treads will not crack and to do the job properly and ensure that all the risers are equal height (or within the 3/8 inch that code aloows) the steps should be rebuilt.

Re: Unequal Riser Height for Front Porch Steps

There is a 50/50 chance you can remove all the stone treads in one piece. Just plan what you are going to do if they do break some of them. There is a lot of labor in trying to remove the treads without breaking them. I don't know how many steps you are talking about or what the conditions are governing the successful removal of the treads, but it depends on what you want. You can pour concrete steps and add the riser height plus the stone thickness so you can lay the stone tread with mortar afterwards. This way it doesn't matter if the slabs break you can lay them anyway. Of course down the road 5 years or so you will probably need maintenance on the slabs (re-laying and pointing). Or you could just pour concrete steps and forget about them for the next 15 to 20 years. Good Luck.

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