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Underground oil tank removal cost and process

A building inspector found evidence in our basement of a possible abandoned underground oil tank in our yard. We will need to remove this in order to sell the house.

Any information/advice about the timing, cost, and process of this job would be appreciated. Our house is located in Fairfield County CT. Any recommendations of vendors to talk to would be appreciated (if allowed on this site.)


Re: Underground oil tank removal cost and process

I can't answer your question but I would be very interested in what you find out. I was a heating contractor in CT 20 years ago. At that time they were making it very difficult to be able to put tanks underground.

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Re: Underground oil tank removal cost and process

i can't speak for your location but here it can be one of two things, simple and easy or expensive and a nightmare.

once the tank is pumped out, cut in half, cleaned and removed the soil has to be tested. if the soil tests ok then you're off the hook. if it doesn't test ok then the cost could be through the roof.

Re: Underground oil tank removal cost and process

It turns out that, miraculously, a former owner had removed an underground tank in our yard. (Our present tank is in the basement). We called a local company who handles tank removals, and a service person came to inspect the basement and the outdoor yard. He determined that there was evidence (old markings in the concrete floor of the basement between the furnace and the wall) to indicate the presence of a one-time underground tank. He then used a (fancy) metal detector to scan all around the outdoor yard, and luckily for us, he found nothing. He emailed us the documentation so it can always be available for future owners -- a very important document to keep.

The service call lasted about 10 minutes and cost $375. (Remember, I live in Fairfield County, CT.) If an oil tank had been found, the removal would cost $1200 and would include filling in the hole, adding top soil, grass seed, and hay. Despite the cost (which may be average--I didn't get competitive bids), the company was very responsive and thorough. I'd recommend them.

Of course, in the worst case, if the soil had shown signs of contamination, we'd be looking at $850 soil tests and then who knows how much for excavation of the contaminated soil, which is required by CT.

Re: Underground oil tank removal cost and process

Good to know. I've heard of cases that once all the oil was pumped out, the tanks were filled with sand, sealed and remained in the ground, but I forgot what state it was.

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