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Underdeck outdoor waterproof lighting

I have a 2 level deck made from composite and a beadboard ceiling on the bottom level and I want to install can lighting in that ceiling but since the above deck is open and the rain can go through the top flooring I am having trouble figuring out a way to keep those can lights dry. The beadboard was installed so I don't have to look at the joists above and give it a finished look. My contractor cannot come up with a solution. Also am putting in outdoor fans but the water will run down the center rod and into the unit if I don't figure out a way to isolate these fixtures.

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Re: Underdeck outdoor waterproof lighting

outdoor deck, how about low voltage landscape deck lighting.

example: http://www.malibulights.com/index.php?action=subcategory&did=1&cid=2&sid=4&pid=CL503TA

plus you can swap the bulbs for amber ones so they don't attract bugs. on the ceiling they provide a nice ambient light and protect from glare. I used these on our back porch they have a sealed mounting box also used on the risers to the stairs.

mabe these would work too if you want down light http://www.malibulights.com/index.php?action=subcategory&pid=0&did=1&sid=4

i've never seen a wet location outdoor use can light but have seen them for bathrooms but they are for installing in dry cavity just face is for wet side. mabe another person knows how to help find regular voltage pieces.

Re: Underdeck outdoor waterproof lighting

Maybe I don't understand completely but I'm having trouble visualizing how the bead board ceiling doesn't just rot or disintegrate over time since it sounds like it would be subject to the same water runoff from above. I guess I'm picturing that cheap paneling type stuff that people call "bead board".

However... if you HAVE solved that problem then perhaps you could mount your ceiling fan electric boxes right to the beadboard (where a sturdy deck support is above it) and then use wire mold to run your wires to the box. I would use a sealed outdoor mounting box regardless. I think the fan should have a cover to conceal the box.

I like the idea of low voltage landscape lighting. Those wires should be fairly simple to hide. Depending on your personal style you might also consider using outdoor christmas lights. They now make strings with LED bulbs which are more costly up front but can be plenty bright, cost pennies to run, and will last for many years. If you go that route look at the bulbs that screw in and have 3 LED's per bulb.

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