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Under Sink Filter

Ok, I have a problem that started a few months ago. I have 1/2" galvanized piping and had to replace an outside faucet. I removed the galvanized and spliced in 3/4" copper at a Tee connection. In the process I think I knocked some grit loose in the main run which makes it's way to the kitchen sink. Now I have very low pressure there. I am guessing there is debris between my under sink shut-off and the end. The faucet is a delta pull out which I tried cleaning/blowing out w/compressor and no luck. I am getting a replacement pullout/hose and hopefully that will solve it. I also removed the hot/cold handle to the top of the mixing valve and not seen anything, I have not checked the PEX from the shut-off to the mixing valve because the pressure reduction is same when the handle is only hot, only cold.

I am trying to find out about undersink filters to prevent this again. Since I have a fridge water I do not want one of those which is purely for drinking, mainly just a sediment filter. What I am afraid of is that with a filter there, the sink pressure will significantly reduce the pressure making and negating the fix.

PS The fridge water has not had any noticable difference. I am guessing that filter caught the stuff (need to replace).

Thanks for the help.

Re: Under Sink Filter

I thionk the galvanized water pipe is going to be a larger problem in the future than a clogged filter. What has been gradually happening inside the galv pipe is a rust build, like a clogged artery. It will be gradually building up until there is only a pinhole for the water to get through.

Yes, some debris was knocked free. But, you might want to also think of replacing all of the galvanized piping in the house. PEX is a good, cheap alternative, unless like in Texas the rodent like to eat holes into the water lines. Copper looks nice and takes skill to install (unless is is ProPress) but is more expensive and could also have problems if there is hard water.

Your under sink filter is just holding off on a larger problem.

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