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Chuck Nowakowski
under the concrete floor drainage problem
Chuck Nowakowski

I am having a contnuing problem with a clogged sanitary drain under my basement floor.
My basement toilet gives me the first clue that something is wrong.
I flush it daily just to get water to flow any waste out of the drain.
I've had the drain replaced from the house to the street but seem to be having a continual problem.
The city sewer dept. has been kind enough to run several sections of a snake to unclog the blockage.
I'm trying to get them to camera the drain to see what steps I need to take to replace the old line under the floor.
How difficult is it to replace and what type of connections, traps and replacement pipe should I be looking for and use.
It looks as though the basement toilet is tapped into the main line that comes down into the floor.
Also, can I open the clean out. It has a PVC threaded cap screwed into a castiron pipe.
The section of pipe is about 12' to 15'.
There is no floor drain except a 2 1/2" pvc pipe for the washing
machine and a slop sink. There is also a sink drain the the basement bathroom.

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