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Re: Under cabinet lighting

It never ceases to amaze me how one simple question can stir up so much controversy. But I guess that's a small price to pay for freedom of speach. Thank you all for your "equally as important" opinions. I really do learn alot from reading the boards.

Re: Under cabinet lighting
Ron WPE wrote:

I am not sure, I know they have not been changed from what they came with from the factory. I can not imagine that there are too many different wattage for the xenon lights. One suggestion that was sent my way was to use the silicon used for potholders and cut it to fit between the base of the light and the air gap. I have not tried it but it may work. Someone suggested using a 1/2" air gap but that is not practical as you do not want the light hanging below the cabinets.

I installed the kichler linear low voltage xenon lights under our cabinets. They came in 5, 7 or 10 watt bulb sizes. We went with the 5 watt and don't have the heat issue and we have plenty of task light. The really nice thing is that you have control over the number and location of the bulbs along the wire track. I would recommend this system to others.

I know what you mean about the 1/2" air gap, it would make the bulbs hang too low. It may be possible for you to install a lower wattage bulb on your system to help with the heat issue. Do you know the make / style of the lights to see if lower wattage are available? The lower wattage would be less light, but maybe by strategically placing an extra light or two it would make up for it?

Also there are no covers on our bulbs as previously discussed. Since I have a few spare bulbs I experimented and spritzed some water on a bulb. It didn't explode, just kept on lighting. I didn't have any other wattages to experiment with so it might only be safe for a 5w and not a 7w or 10w.


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