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Ugly pine paneling on every wall, please help :)

My husband and I really want to get rid of the paneling inside our home, but we can't take it down, we have to cover, paint, or etc. because it's a lindel cedar home and there is no drywall underneath it's just studs behind the paneling.
Drywall is going to cost way too much to do the whole house (2600 sq ft) and I'm afraid our only option is to mud patch seams, sand, and repaint.:confused:
Does anyone have any cost effective ideas to cover this dark paneling so we can brighten up our home?????
Please Help :) Thanks:o

Re: Ugly pine paneling on every wall, please help :)

Keep in mind that whatever you do, you're going to have to live with it for a long time so you might want to do things in stages as you can afford them. Cheap jobs often have a way of looking cheap as time goes by.

As far as putting mud in the grooves, sanding, and painting, I wouldn't do it. Wood has a habit of expanding and contracting with the seasons, depending on moisture in the air. With what you're talking about, the wood wouldn't have to move much and you're going to have a crack in the painted surface (about every 4-5 inches across the wall). Now THAT'S something that will get aggravating pretty fast!

Why don't you just paint the walls for now and pick a room to start doing a drywall cover up. You can hang the drywall in this room, finish and paint it and be really happy you did. When your budget gets healthy again, pick another room and do the same thing. Keep it up and before you know it, you'll have the whole 2600 sq ft done and be happy for a long time.

A saying I read once goes something like, "The thrill of cheap prices often fades long before the angst from poor quality does".

Good Luck.

Re: Ugly pine paneling on every wall, please help :)

I agree with the above post. If you can fill, smooth , and sand you could do your own drywall. Do it as you can afford . In the mean time clean, lightly sand, and paint the paneling.

Re: Ugly pine paneling on every wall, please help :)

A coat or two of B-I-N primer will cover up the paneling and you can paint over it. Groves is a tough question (the ideal solution is to re-drywall). If you caulk them use something that won't harden and crack as others have cautioned.
Mark, Painting Plymouth, MN

Re: Ugly pine paneling on every wall, please help :)

I thing I have learned in remodeling my 1930's house is to do it right the first time. When ever I have tried to do it "cheap or easy", I have had to eventually do it over and then it costs twice as much. Like the above posts say, take one room at time and drywall, it will take longer but in the end you will love the results of your hard work and the increased value in your home. john

Re: Ugly pine paneling on every wall, please help :)

I agree too with the above posts it is better to do it right the first time and put up drywall. I also think that just painting paneling looks great and you really don't notice the grooves.
If you really insist on covering the grooves then I would try to find something I think they call plaster fabric. Plaster fabric is for badly damaged plaster walls or plaster walls that have a great deal of cracks.
Where you can buy the fabric or how much it costs I really can't say as I saw it advertised many years ago in some home renovation magazine. I would assume too that you would apply the fabric just like you would apply unpasted wallpaper but I don't really know. I just remember it as I once told my cousins who were renovating my grandmas old house. At the time though my cousins had already finished patching the walls and didn't need the fabric so I have never seen it applied before. Good luck:)

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