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Ugly concrete chainwall

The homeowner next door has an ugly, poorly built 14 inch high concrete chainwall that runs the length of our property line. They recently put up a cedar fence in the ground on their side of the chainwall. We are left looking at the back of their fence, then a gap of about 3 inches (filled with dirt) and then the ugly, uneven, cracked chainwall. I was thinking about covering the chainwall by building a wooden bench or raised garden bed or something else to hide the concrete chainwall and turn it into something useful. Any suggestions?

Re: Ugly concrete chainwall

This is kinda hard to visualize without photos & I'm not sure I know what a concrete chain fence is---any pictures you can post would be appreciated.

By all means, check out various fence & plant options that you may want to use to improve property line appearance---but also keep in mind that you want to maintain peace with your next door neighbor; it's a good idea to notify the owner on the other side of the line of your intentions, by a simple written note or talking to him/her if you see them out in the yard one of these days---this will avoid any hard feelings---a small percentage of neighbors get testy when it comes to property lines & insist that the line be surveyed (big bucks which you pay, of course) before they agree to anything, so it's a good idea to talk it over first.

Just mention that you intend to put such & such fence up to improve appearances, whether you plan to diy or have a contractor do it.

Check the town hall ordinances in your area for allowable fence heights; there is usually a limit of 6' or 8' for constructed fences; shrubs & trees are sometimes allowed to go a little higher.

Re: Ugly concrete chainwall

If the wall is on their property you can not build anything on it without their permission. Landscaping seems to me to be the best solution.

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