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Types of tankless water heaters

Hello. In one of the programs 2 types of tankless water heaters were described, one being more efficient. It had some sorts of small pipes inside, so that the hot water is always "heated" as it stays and circulates in small chambers, and there is never a wait for hot water to come out. Also, it seemed that it can produce more hot water than the conventional tankless. Also, can you please advise if there are sizes that we have to consider of if the tank comes in just one size. thanks

Re: Types of tankless water heaters

Do a search on tank-less water heaters. It should make some good reading.


Re: Types of tankless water heaters

It could have been the new AO Smith Hybrid. It has about 2 gallons storage and responds faster as mentioned.

The negatives I've heard is that it's not very well insulated so the standby losses are relatively high, so the real world NET efficiency is a not as high as claimed. It's also pretty expensive. It looked just slightly more than the Vertex 50 gallon unit... but it has the same BTU rating. IF you have the space, I still think the HE tank types are better.

Re: Types of tankless water heaters

Water heater manufacturers are trying their best to come up with units that will maximize profits in the name of energy saving...but they fail to convince experienced plumbers, who keep using the traditional tank types.

Now these tank water heaters are not 100& perfect by no means, but they are still doing a good job.

Re: Types of tankless water heaters

check out www.eternalwaterheater.com sounds like the unit your talking about as far as sizing it depends on where you live most professionals can advise you of the correct sizing of the unit I wouldn't recommend any cheaper units like bosch or takagi i would stick with the big boys Noritz, Rinnai, Eternal hope this helps.

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