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Type of wood floors?


I closing on a house in Michigan. It is a capecod built in 1950's and there is wood floor under the carpet. I was just wondering what species of wood it is. Also, which type of finish would you recommend? I would prefer a natural look.



A. Spruce
Re: Type of wood floors?

Could be anything, we'd have to see a picture of it to help narrow it down. Here on the west coast homes of that vintage typically had oak flooring.

Re: Type of wood floors?

What is your email so i can send it? I am having trouble uploading the picture.

A. Spruce
Re: Type of wood floors?

You have to have 10 posts to your credit before you can post a picture, UNLESS, you host the picture with any one of a number of free on line hosts.

Another option is to send a private message to JLMCDANIEL and he will post images for you.

Re: Type of wood floors?

A 1950's Mid-West home would normally have had oak floors. At that time, oak was a relatively inexpensive hardwood that was not difficult to finish. Wall to wall carpet was not the norm until a few years later.

I am not sure what you mean by a "natural" look. After sanding, Oak can be stained to any color and shade you desire. Normally, it is then finished with multiple coats of urethane varnish, either water based or oil based. My bias is still toward the oil base, although it is slower and smells more.

I personally have un-stained red oak floors with a semi-gloss poly-urethane finish. Three coats of oil based were used. One advantage of no stain is that any deep scratches do not show up as a color change.

Urethanes can be anywhere from a low sheen satin to a high gloss. I personally think the high gloss looks a little plastic. It also shows household dust and dirt more. Scratches also show more.

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