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Type of flooring

We want to replace all the flooring in our concrete block home. We currently have ceramic tile over concrete in every room of our house. It was laid by the previous owner who was a moron. None of the lines are straight, the floor is uneven and wavy, the tile is 12" white with 1/2" black grout lines. I HATE IT! :mad: Our problem is, we have a somewhat open floor plan. You can see the livingroom, hallway, dinning room and kitchen from the front door. We are torn as to whether or not we can go with different floors in each room or because of the open floor plan do we have to put the same floor in each room to keep it from looking retarded? If we can use different floors, do we need to make each room distinct and if so how? I also have an unrelated question that I'll post here and in a different category. We want to replace all the drywall in the house and all the electrical. Would it be easier and more cost effective to remove all drywall and have an electrician come in and rewire the whole house or do it on a room by room basis (remove drywall in one room, call electrican, then put up new drywall then move on to the next room)?

Re: Type of flooring

Start by chipping all the old tile up. You can get a floor stripper from a tool rental company. You walk behind them and they have an electric motor on them to make the job a little easier.

As far as the change in tiles from room to room, better to talk with a decorator about it or someone from a tile supplier.

If you're tearing out the drywall, do it all at one time. It's messy, dirty, and you won't want to prolong your agony by doing it slowly. Besides once you get on a roll, you'll want to keep going with all the rooms. Same for hanging and finishing. It's easier to get going with one process and then finish that stage. If you're doing the electrical yourself, you'll be able to get it all done at one time. I don't know if you're pulling permits for this job but if so, your inspector will want to get it all at one time, not piecemeal.

If you plan on hiring an electrician, it will cost you less if they can come in and do it all at one time. If not, it'll take longer to get the job done and it may cost more for the return trips.

Good Luck with the project.

Re: Type of flooring

Thank you so much for your reply. Doing it all at once was pretty much what we were thinking but since we're new to dyi, we wanted to get a second opinion. As far as the electrical, we're going to have to hire an electrician due to the fact that neither of us know anything about it. We are planning on doing all demo ourselves and hanging the new drywall but neither of us are any good at mudding and taping so I called around and got a quote from a drywall company and for just my living room which is 238sqft, he said it would be between $700 and $1000. That is just to tape and mud the seams and joints. Does that sound reasonable to you? It just sounded absolutely outrageous to us. That's more than the cost of the new drywall and the new tile for the room.:eek::confused:

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