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Type of construction on early 1900s house

Hi all I just joined and am hoping to get some help on the type of construction on a early 1900s house.

The house was built by my husbands Great Great Grandfather for his (my husbands) Great Grandmother and her husband to live in.
Its nothing fancy just an old farmers house from back then.

I don't have any pictures but can maybe get some if necessary.

It was orginally a 4 room house but has had 2 additions added on for a couple of bathroom and kitchen due to the fact that they had no running water or indoor bathrooms at the time of construction.

The walls are very thin , no insulation at all.
It has the outside wall which is some sort of siding and the inside wall. In the middle of the walls my father in law says he thinks its made with very thin little slates of wood place close together.

The electric is all on the outside of the walls also due to the fact of no electric at time of building and also due to the fact of no room in between the walls like modern houses.

The windows and doors are much thicker than the actual walls.

Its in liveable shape as my sister in law is living in it right now but it does need tons of work.

Hubby said that we will tear off the additions due to the fact that they weren't done properly and are leaking.

He said that once we get into it we can see what the overall condition is of the orginal 4 room house and If it looks like we can do something with it we will add new additions that are bigger and built so they don't leak.

Hubby would like to try and get more info on the construction type so we can try to figure out how to go about working on it.

Hubby is thinking about doing some wall frame work on the inside of the house so we can add insulation and wiring inside the walls.
But we are not sure if this would be practical.

Anyway If anyone has any idea of what I am talking about would appreciate any info, help and ideas on where to get more info on it.

If you need pictures I'll try to get in laws so get some so I can post them just let me know what you need them of.

We are actually in a different state right now but plan to move back to our home state of Tx where the house if located.

We are really hoping to be able to keep the orginal 4 room house as its an awesome family treasure with so much neat old construction inside.

Look forward to hearing back from you

Timothy Miller
Re: Type of construction on early 1900s house

Howdy, without photos better opened wall cavities its a guess on building method. Withour knowing how big the rooms are. You might consider super insulating it by adding a 2 by 4 stud wall 2" away from the existing and run electrical in it and cellulose insulation.

Re: Type of construction on early 1900s house

Hi and thanks for the reply.

I do have another quick question.

Why do you recommend running the 2x4s 2" away from the existing walls?
Just curious why not up against the walls and then add insulation and wiring?

Hubby and his dad have already talked about framing the inside with 2x4s so that we can get some good insulation in the walls and get the wiring run through the walls instead of how it is now on the outside.

Curious about why you say 2" away.

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Timothy Miller
Re: Type of construction on early 1900s house

Howdy again, leaving the space allows for more insulation an stops thermo bridging of the wood framing. another method is to stagger the studs so they do not align to the existing. Some helpful web informationa at.

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