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Type of Construction

Hi All,

I am looking to decorate one of my bedrooms in my 120 years old home. The previous owners took the plaster off the lath and did a poor job of drywalling over the lath. I would like to remove the drywall and lath and do a cleaner job of it. While inspecting what's behind the drywall I found that the wall has large horizontal timber nailed to the double brick wall which seems to be plastered on the inside as well.. Has anyone seen this type of construction before?

Here is a picture: http://postimg.org/image/ntqdz4rl3/


Re: Type of Construction

These furring strips are there so that the drywall has something to be nailed/screwed into.

Generally, drywall finish will be as good as what's behind it. You have to have a plumb surface for the drywall to look good.

Re: Type of Construction

Plaster to the interior side of brick walls was a standard practice in thr 1800 & early 1900.
Wood was also used in brick walls when the interior was going to be plaster the wood was normanly placed in as a ledger for furring strips to be nailed to than wood lath was applied to the furring strips.
The wood planking in the picture was an over kill if used for nailing boards.
I have worked on many structures that had wood in fills used for nailers but never seen any with solid planks.

Re: Type of Construction

Are the horizontal timbers infill between studs or between post and beam construction?

Re: Type of Construction

Thanks for all your replies. I am not sure if it is post and beam construction. I have just ripped the one room. The timbers are nailed directly to the Double brick wall which is plastered on the inside. They seem to be about 8 foot long each.

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