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Type of Baseboard heat used in Episode 906

I was watching Episode 906 and I noticed the baseboard heat unit being installed looks like the same one we had installed in a new addition a few years back. The heating contractor we used never finished the job and I have been unable to find out who the manufacturer of the unit is. I still need a few pieces to finish it. Can you tell me brand of the baseboard unit you used in that show and maybe who carries it.


Re: Type of Baseboard heat used in Episode 906

According to the written report on Episode 906, TOH plumber/heating technician Richard Trethewey installed standard convective Slant/Fin baseboard on this job.

Slant/Fin factory is at 516-484-2600, or contact them thru the website below.

Google "ask this old house episode 906" (without quotes) to get a readout description of this segment.

Slant/Fin baseboard is sold in numerous heating supply houses througout the U.S. & Canada; some Home Depot & Lowes stores carry a limited Slant/Fin line (often only one style) in some of their stores.

Consult the Yellow Pages under "Heating Equipment" to locate local dealers.

Check Slant/Fin and Pex Supply sites below to see different model lines & to get a ballpark price range for this product.

You will have to do at least a rudimentary Heat Loss Calculation to determine how many BTUs/hour are being lost each hour in the room in which you are installing the baseboard; see below; since each foot of baseboard puts out approx. 560 BTUs/hour, you will then divide 560 into your heat loss calculation to determine how many feet of baseboard has to be installed into the room.

For example, a 15' X 10' room = 150 sq.ft with 2 ten sq.ft. windows, 8' ceilings, one exterior door,etc.= 5254 BTU/hr. heat loss divided by 560 = 9.38 (approx.) feet of baseboard needed.

In practice, baseboard is usually installed along the entire exterior wall length of the room & throttled with an on/off valve (if the piping scheme allows) for better room heat control.


Re: Type of Baseboard heat used in Episode 906

Another question -- what are the fittings Richard used to connect the copper pipes to the pex that went around the fireplace. I can't find this kind of compression fitting..

Re: Type of Baseboard heat used in Episode 906

Consult the Yellow Pages under "Heating Equipment-Wholesale"

Many of these heating parts supply houses will sell to homeowners (usually at a good price) & have a wide selection of fittings---it's a good idea to go in there in the P.M. between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. when it is usually not very busy & the counterman has time to work with you---these places are a busy madhouse in the a.m., loaded with heating techs in a hurry to get what they need & get to the jobsite.

Go to the counterman & ask for help & tell him what you need.

Many big box stores carry a limited number of these products.

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