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Two wax toilet rings?

We have a toilet that is installed on a tile floor. We have a history of wax ring failure, even when using the heavier wax ring. I seem to remember reading about using two wax rings. Did I dream this up or is it possible? It's time to repair the leak once again.

A. Spruce
Re: Two wax toilet rings?

First, I would try to figure out the source of the ring failure. It does happen with time on any toilet, but the way you describe your situation it is a commonly recurring problem. From the sounds of it, your flange is too low and you're trying to make up the difference with a thicker wax ring.

There are two ways to go about this, set the flange at the proper height (flush with the finished floor surface ), or use a thicker wax ring. You can buy thicker rings or you can mash two rings together, even though the two ring solution is frowned upon, it is ok as long as you join the two rings completely into a single, thicker ring.

If I am correct and the flange is too low, you can purchase an insert flange that will extend a low flange to the proper height. This type of flange extension slides into the neck of the existing flange and seals off with a rubber ring. There is also a glue in type, however with the area polluted with the wax ring, I would question how well you could get it to bond. There are also "raise a ring" flange shims that bolt into place.

MLB Construction
Re: Two wax toilet rings?

regardless of the flange issue that spruce spoke about, which could very well and is probably the culprit, the main reason that a wax ring fails is due to the toilet not being properly secured to the floor. if the toilet rocks at all, even minimally, eventually the wax ring will lose it's seal. if the flange is lower than the floor, level with the floor or sitting on the floor the right size wax ring should solve the problem but only if the toilet is properly and permanently secured. as spruce said, the flange should be, at the very least, level with the floor, i prefer it to be on the tile floor.

Re: Two wax toilet rings?

Instead of a double ring, which can be blown out when plunging a toilet, use a SaniSeal ring instead, available on Amazon. Tell them we sent you.

Re: Two wax toilet rings?

Be sure the flange is screwed down to the floor. If it isn't the toilet is sure to rock causing the wax seal to fail.


Re: Two wax toilet rings?

Everything that there's to be said is already said...
My 2 cents: If all the wax rings you've tried have failed, it's time to raise the flange or to go with Houston's idea of SANI SEAL.

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