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Two to three pronged outlets

I just bought an older home built in the 1940s, 1945 I believe. While I think the electrical box is fairly new, all of the outlets in the home are two pronged. I would like to have some three pronged outlets for my electronics and appliances. When I had the home inspection done, the inspector mentioned there was a way you could covert the outlets to three pronged in my state, MN, that was legal. Right now I'm using adapters where I need them, but would like to convert some of my outlets to three pronged. Are there any disadvantages to this or is there something I should know? How much would this cost me? Lastly, as long as I've got you here, how much would it cost to re-wire my house ballpark? I don't have the money right now, but some day down the road I may do it. My home is a one and half story with about 900 sq ft. Thanks for any help.

Re: Two to three pronged outlets

Electronic equipment with a 3 pronged plug needs the ground. One way is to run a ground wire to the outlet box if there is none already there. You can legally install GFCI outlets with a sticker that says "No Ground" .but it will not provide the noise filtering needed by some equipment.


Re: Two to three pronged outlets

Changing the outlets will not get you the grounding you are looking for or want / need.

Start by chatting with a few electricians in your neighborhood. For recommendations, ask your local building inspectors, angies list, or a few large electrical supply stores. We can't tell you pricing from here. I can't see your house, even if I stand on my chair.

Re: Two to three pronged outlets

The best idea is to upgrade your wiring by adding a ground wire from the panel to every outlet and into the ground via a grounding rod.

Re: Two to three pronged outlets

Ditto what they all said.

Cost to rewire a 900 sq ft house will probably run about $4000. A little less if all the sheet rock is removed.

Best to get three estimates and pick the middle one.

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