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Twin home siding repair

Good evening home improvement enthusiasts!!

I own a twin home (a townhouse with two owners) that was built in 1982 and the structure still has the original vertical textured wood siding. For the most part, it is in pretty decent shape, and the people I share the structure with are not ready to put all new siding on. However, one side of the part that I own is damaged and in need of replacing. I have had two different bidders come by. One of them is planning to tear the old siding off and replace with the same textured wood siding and paint to match the rest of the house. Another is telling me that just putting up vinyl on that side (it isn't noticable from the street) would save me a lot in labor costs, plus that side would be done when it was time to side the rest of the house.

Which way should I go? Replace with the same textured wood, or put vinyl on one side and have it look goofy for a year or two until the rest of it is done?

--single homeowner in Minnesota.

Re: Twin home siding repair

Yes. There are two separate owners. I own about 2/3 of the structure, and the other party owns the rest.

Re: Twin home siding repair

I also had that kind of siding before but now they are fully new. It still has the effect of the wood siding but more comfortable and durable. Thanks to CT Siding for helping me achieve that beautiful siding.

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