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TV turns on, in its own

I came home to my 1860's Victorian to find a TV on. Unless someone broke in to watch his "stories" and left, then I assume it's some kind of electrical issue. My house did lose power for a few moments that day. This tv, plugged into this outlet, has done this once before when my wife pulled the running vacuum that was plugged in to the same recepticle, out of the wall. Any ideas? thanks

Re: TV turns on, in its own

Chances are you left it on when you left the house.

Re: TV turns on, in its own

The remote control circuit in the TV can become sensitive to power fluctuations. The TV's power supply should have a filter on it to keep the output voltage at a constant level, but if the filter is not working, these variations are passed onto the remote circuit and can be seen as inputs from the remote control.

Re: TV turns on, in its own

Or a neighbor with a remote with the same code shooting through jis window into yours.


Re: TV turns on, in its own

My dogs sometimes sleep / step on the remote.

Re: TV turns on, in its own

Could be a lot of things. A dirty or worn switch, someone else with a transmitter that works on the same frequency, or something on the circuit board.

Re: TV turns on, in its own

off the subject a bit, but once I was sitting on the deck relaxing & listening to the radio. The station kept changing or turning off every few minutes. I figured it out after a little cussing when I heard laughter from inside the house. My daughter was using another remote to mess with me

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