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Trish Worley
TV over Fireplace

My husband and I just purchased a flat screen TV and are going to mount it on our Fireplace Mantel (gas fireplace insert). We did have someone comment about the heat from a fireplace possibly damaging the TV. Our fireplace is only used as emergency backup heat. The TV is a large investment and we don't want to damage it. Help!

Re: TV over Fireplace

If your concerned about the heat around your fireplace you can check the temperature by setting a thermometer up on the mantle and seeing how much heat filters up there.

I have seen a lot of flat screens in this situation, I'm considering doing the same thing. I'm pretty sure that it can tolerate the heat but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Re: TV over Fireplace

Threshold limit on most civilian electronic equipment is 125 degrees F. As the equipment generates it's own heat you would want to keep the ambient temperature several degrees below that. The thermometer on the mantel as suggested above would be a good idea also a heat diverter can be installed to through the heat out away from a direct rise to the TV.

Re: TV over Fireplace

You will be fine this is a little more than you need to do but I checked my flat screen and fire place set up with infrared your tv should never get over its own heat output.So have some popcorn and enjoy the a movie

Trish Worley
Re: TV over Fireplace

Everyone, thank you so much for your responses. We love our new TV and it helps to make our Fireplace the complete center of attention in our living room. I look forward to watching "Ask This Old House" with my new TV.

Re: TV over Fireplace

I'm probably too late here, but you should be aware that, for some companies, mounting your TV over a fireplace will negate the warranty. It's a good idea to check out the fine print before putting it up there!

Re: TV over Fireplace

i checked with samsung about mounting my plasma over my fireplace. it is not recommended and will void the warranty.

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