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Turning off oil boiler for vacation

Is there any down-side in turning off my oil boiler for a 7-10 day vacation? I know it won't mean a whole lot of savings, but at these prices, every little bit helps. My goal is to do everything I can to cut consumption by 20% over the year. Is there any thing else I have to do besides flipping the control switch?

Thanks for any input.

Re: Turning off oil boiler for vacation

It's a domestic coil and heats the hot tap water supply (and hot water heat in season). I found the instructions for shutting down and start-up of the boiler, and for just 7-10 days, it doesn't seem worth the hassle.

In lieu of a shut-down, any concerns with re-setting to 140 high / 120 low for this vacation period? (I already have it set to 160 high / 140 low for the summer.)

I appreciate the help.

Re: Turning off oil boiler for vacation

Thank you NashuaTech. You're right; the manual was in reference to extended shut-downs. I did this (a 7-8 day shut-down just with a throw of the switch) two or three years and had no problems. I just wanted to check in with someone who had some know-how to see if what I was planning to do again was the right thing. I also appreciate the advice on the 130L-150H. I knew to keep the 20 spread, but thought there might be a recommended minimum.

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