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Turning off furnace to conserve oil


Does turning off my furnace when I don't need heat or hot water conserve oil without damaging my furnace?

I live in northern Vermont and have a oil-fired baseboard heating system. I have a Beckett Heat Manager installed on my furnace and a Vaughn (Energy Star) water heater.

One service person has said that it's ok to turn off the furnace. Another has said that the moisture that might accumulate could harm the furnace and so not to turn it off.

Does the season make a difference? ok in the summer? ok in the winter?

Thanks for any advice you can give.

Re: Turning off furnace to conserve oil


The answer would depend specifically on the type of equipment you have.

If you have baseboard hot water heat you have a boiler there, and not a furnace.

From your post it sounds like you have a cast iron boiler.

Vaughn makes elec hw heaters as well as indirect hw heaters, so you would have to specify.

An indirect Vaughn hwh connected to a boiler would require that the boiler remain on to heat the hw.

Boilers are further classified by "cold start" and "pin-type" triple aquastat models.

The triple aquastat models should not be shut down, as they form condensation and rust on the cast iron heat exchanger.

Quite often, the low limit hw aquastat setting of these units is set too high and can be turned down to 140 degrees, which will result in some fuel savings.

Cold start boilers can be shut down (mostly in the summer) if the hw heater is separate, or is not needed in the summer.

Also check out the following link:


Hope this helps.

Re: Turning off furnace to conserve oil

Thank you very much for the helpful information. We'll check more deeply into the kind of system we have.

Best wishes,

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