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Turning on a Circuit Breaker

I was fixing a light fixture in my kitchen so I turned off the circuit breaker. I re-attached the light in the kitchen and turned the breaker back on. When I did, I heard a pop sound. I forgot to turn off all the lights when I killed the power - when I turned the power back on, the fixture that made the pop sound didn't work. Does that mean this light fixture is broken and needs to be replaced?
Thank you for your advice.

Re: Turning on a Circuit Breaker

IF the fixture that made the pop sound is the same one you were working on.............sounds like there's a dead short in that fixture somewhere. Make sure the power is off to the fixture, then go in there again. Completely remove the light fixture and leave the wires dangling in free air. Make sure they aren't touching each other or anything else. Turn the breaker back on. If the breaker trips again, the problem is in the wiring itself or even maybe in the switchbox. If the breaker doesn't trip, then either there's a short inside the fixture or one was created when you were working in there. Look for any bare spots on the wiring where there shouldn't be one and tape that up if it's a minor kinda bare spot. If the wiring is really old and deteriorated, you may have to replace all the wiring.

If the fixture that made the pop was a different fixture than the one you were working on......you may have mixed up the wiring when you were working on the other fixture. If it's the latter.......how many light switches are there to control the light fixture(s)? .....and how many covered/insulated wires did you have loose/disconnected?

Re: Turning on a Circuit Breaker

Sometimes a bulb will pop when the voltage is applied . Was it just a " minor " pop ? Did you replace the bulb ? Maybe you will be lucky and that will be it . Otherwise , do like Goldie said and take everything back apart and look it over real good .

Re: Turning on a Circuit Breaker

Thank you for your replies.

The fixture I was working on (kitchen fixture) is different than the fixture that 'popped' (Living room fixture - although this is a Manhattan apt. so the kitchen and living room are about a foot apart in the same room!). There are two separate switches for the two light fixtures. I may have attached a wire I shouldn't have when putting the kitchen fixture back on, which I will test. I honestly don't know much about electrical wiring, but am trying to learn a bit.

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