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Re: Turning a big tree into lumber for an extension?

Old thread, but I had a couple of thoughts to add.

I have been doing this kind of thing for years and it's fun to see the wood come out. If you're not equipped to load and haul the logs, consider hiring a guy with a portable mill.

Yard trees often have nails and such in them, so if one is going to do this, the sawyer will usually want to know where it came from. Today's band saw mills will require a blade change when they hit a nail, fence wire etc. But it is not usually dangerous, just a hassle and expense when they have to change and sharpen the blade. Some will charge you an extra fee.

Drying it correctly is very important! It has to be stickered, i.e. stacked with 1x1 spacers every 2 ft. to allow drying. Sometimes mill scrap can be used for sticks. The taller the stack the better, as the weight prevents warping. It takes 12-24 months to dry in most US climates. Then it has to be planed and edges squared.

Requirements for graded lumber for framing notwithstanding, this kind of wood can be used for trim, even wall covering, wainscoting, cabinet doors, stair treads, and so forth.

It's a lot of work but fun and rewarding to do.


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