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Turn Off Oil Burner?

I have a hot water heating system with a 4 year old oil burner. The oil burner only provides heat; domestic hot water is provided by a separate water heater. When the oil burner was installed I was advised that it had to run all year round or problems would develop. This seems extremely wasteful. Is it really neccessary to run the burner during the non heating months? What problems could develop? If it must run, should the temperature be lowered? Thanks in advance!

Re: Turn Off Oil Burner?

From what you describe in your post, it sounds like you originally bought a boiler that has what's known as a "domestic coil" inside that heats the domestic hot water.

Many poeple find these coils indadequate for their hot tap water needs and thus install a separate HW heater & hope to turn off the boiler in the summer.

If this is what you have, these boilers are designed to remain hot the year round so the cast iron combustion chamber doesn't develop rust and corrosion through condensation.

Do you have what's known as an "indirect hot water heater", (which is highly recommended), or do you have a HWH that is separate & run by gas, propane, oil, elec., etc.???

With the right hookup these boilers burn very few gallons throughout the entire non-heating season.

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