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Tung oiled pine floor

Looking for advice in finishing pine floor to low sheen with tung oil applied

Tacoma John
Re: Tung oiled pine floor

Tung oil is a great product that goes back to Egyptian times. It is UV and water repelant. Since it is an oil, I dont believe you can find a product like polyurethane to stick to it. I think the only thing you can use is a paste wax, like car wax to finish it. This means weekly waxing to keep it fresh. Maybe someone else knows something I dont, but thats my two cents. Good luck

Re: Tung oiled pine floor

100% pure tung oil dries to a very low sheen (I would almost call it matte) even after many coats. It is a fairly durable very water-resistant oil. When fully cured you can put oil poly over it, but why?

Mickey Gobes
Re: Tung oiled pine floor

I have tung oil on my ¾" solid red oak floors after having them stained a brownish red. I also had an "old school" floor installer/finisher. This was new construction. Most of the flooring contractors don’t want to do the tung oil (very time consuming) or they have had no experience with it. I have had a lot of experience with tung oil, I grew up in my mother’s ancestral home that was built in about 1872 and her floors have always been oiled. Her floors are gorgeous as mine are too. I would post a photo of my floors but as of now I am not comfortable posting photos of my home on the internet.
Oiled floors are VERY easy to take care of. When you get a scratch on your floor, all you have to do is apply the tung oil and buff it out. My mother never had her floors sanded, she just had a guy apply more oil with rags, wipe it off and then buff with a soft rag.

I don’t think you will see many complaints from people on this board who have oiled floors complaining about scratches on their oiled floors. Most of the complaints are from people who have prefinished or poly on their floor. The scratches really show up on those floors.

I think your pine floors will look beautiful with a tung oil finish. Just be sure it is 100% tung oil.


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