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Tub/shower turns on by itself!

I have a Moen tub/shower that will not stay off unless I fight with it for a few minutes. I removed the plastic handle, which was slightly broken, and replaced it. Unfortunately, that did not fix the problem. What happens is that when I push the handle toward the wall into the off position, it will start slowly pushing the handle away from the wall all by itself. Once it slowly starts moving, it will gradually gain speed and then the water will blast out. I then will push it back off, and after four or five times, then the problem stops. However, there have been a couple of times when the water was running for several hours until I came home.

Does anyone have experience with this? Please help!

A. Spruce
Re: Tub/shower turns on by itself!

Sounds like an internal seal may have rolled out of it's groove and is twisting up as the valve is operated, it turns itself on as the seal is releasing the twist.

Google your brand/model valve and get the manufacturers instruction manual for it. From there you can look at the exploded view and rebuild the valve. Rebuilding a valve is usually a pretty easy process. Once you have the parts, turn off the water supply, take apart the valve, replace parts, reassemble, turn on water and test. Only do this if you've got the owners manual to walk you through the procedure or have experience rebuilding a shower valve.

Re: Tub/shower turns on by itself!

My guess is either a) the valve was set too deep in the wall and when you shut it off it compresses the fiberglass stall which springs back and turns the valve on or b) the valve wasn't anchored to the studs and you can shut it off, but the springiness of the pipes turns it on. If the first you can probably take the handle off, put in a shim, and extend it from the wall. The latter will require attaching it to the studs. Hopefully you can get to it from the other side of the wall.

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