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Tub/Shower Combo

I have two baths in my house with the fiberglass tub/shower combined. The faucets in both need to be replaced as the seats are at the end of their life and leaks (drips)are present. My problem is there is no room to access the mixing valves in the bathroom itself without removing one of the units, its on an outside wall and the other could be accessed by cutting into the adjoining room wall. The unit that is on the outside wall has only about 3.5" space to work. I really dont want to have to replace the units at this time. Any suggestions?

Re: Tub/Shower Combo


Most shower faucets are serviceable from the face. You can check by removing the handle(s). Before you go any further make sure the water is off to that faucet. Depending on the manufacturer of the faucet some have clips and others have nuts. If you know the manufacturer (Moen, Delta) you can also cross-reference your style with one of there catalogs to see if it is serviceable from the face.

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Measure once, Cut twice

Re: Tub/Shower Combo

Already done that. The faucets are approximately 30+ years old, with no indication as to manufacturer. I have replaced the washers 4 times in the last 3 years and refaced the seats the last time and they are dripping again. I am pretty sure that I will have to cut into an adjoining wall to access the hall bath, but the master bath faucets are on an outside wall. The working space is approximately the width of a 2x4. I cant really see any way to replace the faucet body without removing the entire tub/shower assembly. Neither of these options appeal to me at this time. I am hoping for some suggestions or maybe a trick that I havent heard of before.

Re: Tub/Shower Combo

You can replace the valve from the front using a big oval goof plate.

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