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Tubs- Acrylic vs. Steel

I am working on planning a bathroom renovation. I was curious if folks had thoughts on advantages/disadvantages of acrylic versus steel tubs.

I'm also not sure if you can readily get cast iron tubs anymore, or if they are mostly made of steel or some proprietary alloys.

Also-any comments on experiences with various brands is also appreciated.



A. Spruce
Re: Tubs- Acrylic vs. Steel

I prefer enameled steel over acrylic/fiberglass units because they look better and wear better. I think you can still find cast iron tubs, but they are expensive. If you really want a cast iron tub, try looking at a salvage yard. As long as the iron is in good shape, the finish can be resurfaced.

Re: Tubs- Acrylic vs. Steel

Steel tubs are a better value. They don't scratch as easily as acrylic tubs and are more affordable. Acrylic may be lightweight but I think your best bet would be the steel.
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Re: Tubs- Acrylic vs. Steel

Steel tubs can get really cold, especially if cold air has access to the bottom. They can also runt out on you. Acrylic can crack or develop holes. Americast combines the best of steel and acrylic. Kohler still makes cast iron. A basic cast iron tub isn't as expensive as a jetted (whirlpool type) tub.

Re: Tubs- Acrylic vs. Steel

I recently completed a bathroom remodel and I purchased a 30"X60" Kohler cast iron tub for a little over $400 which I didn't think was too bad.
I had considered an acrylic unit, but I found that the height of the cast units (11 - 13") was preferable to what I could find with an acrylic unit (17-19").
Also, depending on your intended use, i.e. baths for small children, a cast iron tub will hold heat much longer than a steel tub will.
I would definitely recommend a cast iron tub.

Timothy Miller
Re: Tubs- Acrylic vs. Steel

Howdy you can have the cast iron tub out of my renovation. its mostly new IN central NE Going with a walk in shower. Man the tub is heavy, want to donate it but getting it out of the house is still pending. hate to break it up just to get it out....

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