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my tube has a leak, i replace the seats in both hot and cold water an it still leaks i need some help, i tryed everything.

Re: tube

Have you checked the stems and washers?

Assuming that you correctly installed the new seats, the trouble could be in the stems or the washers.

Re: tube

Tub I believe....

When replacing seats you must use tephlon tape around the threads of the seats, 3 or 4 wraps should be good, tighten securely.
Also as the previous gental man mentioned, when repairing valve body and stems, always - replace seats, seat washers, securely tighten seat washer screw also.
Without tephlon tape on seat threads or securely tightening seat washer screw, you can get a by pass of the pressurized water beneath seat or through the washer. Hope this helps.

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