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Tub to shower

I am having difficulty with switching fron tub to shower . I have the kind that you have to push in and hold for a few seconds to get the shower on. The problem is that water shoots out of this and I cannot get it to stay locked down very often. I have the patience of Job, but I am getting tired of trying to get the pin to stay locked and the water not to shoot out to the back of the tub constantly. Some water, however manages to get to the shower head and I have to take the stinging stream of water on parts that should not be pressure washed! Can someone help me in getting this problem fixed?

Tired of the pressure washer

Re: Tub to shower

My guess is, you need to remove the spout and clean it out, or buy a new spout. More than likely you have enough mineral build up that the diver is not closing all the way and sealing.

A. Spruce
Re: Tub to shower

I agree, the diverter is faulty and needs a good cleaning or replacement. Without knowing the brand and style of valve and diverter it will be tough to offer any further assistance. If you could provide a picture that would be helpful too.

Re: Tub to shower

Thank you both for the info!. It is a delta faucet. Has one center knob that you push up to turn on. Underneath that is the push pin to turn on shower, and this is where the water is shooting out from. Please forgive my asking so many questions, but this is my first home and it needs a lot of work. The whole tub/shower combo is one of those 1 piece installs with no tiles. Fiberglass I think. Can you tell me if I need a special tool to get the spout off, and what do I use to clean out the mineral build up?

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