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Tub strainer w/pop-up plug?

Our tub drain frequently (like, every month) gets clogged with my wife's hair. It seems to me that the easiest solution would be to put a strainer over the drain to catch the hair before it can go down and plug things up, but our tub has a built-in pop-up style drain plug which means that most standard drain strainers wouldn't fit. Does anyone know where I might be able to find a strainer to fit over the pop-up plug? I would also be perfectly happy to remove the plug completely and just use one of those rubber stoppers instead, but I can't figure out how to get the existing stopper out. I would think it should just unscrew, but it didn't come out easily and I don't want to risk breaking something by applying more force. Thanks!

A. Spruce
Re: Tub strainer w/pop-up plug?

Those pop-up plugs are screwed into the drain. Turn it counter-clockwise to remove. Once out, measure the diameter of the drain neck and pick up a strainer cup to fit. When you're looking for a strainer cup, I recommend the type without a center peg. While initially the peg looks like it would be helpful when removing the strainer for cleaning, we've found that it gets in the way, both for removal and for cleaning. I broke the peg out of our strainer and it's much easier to service now.

Re: Tub strainer w/pop-up plug?

Not all of them unscrew some have a small screw under the popup. Replacing the tubs drain outlet is quite easy and only costs 10-15 bucks.

Re: Tub strainer w/pop-up plug?

Ok, I got it. It did just unscrew, it just took a bit more force than I was willing to apply without being sure. Thanks!

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