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Tub not level

Hi! I just underwent a major remodeling in my bathroom that included demolition down to the studs. A few months after completing the project I noticed that the bathtub is slightly “unlevel.” This is noticeable on the outer surface of the tub, by the faucet side and it slopes the slightest bit to the outside, where water pools and puddles along the floor. I noticed the problem when the paint on the wall next to the tub bubbled(see photos). Removed the bubbled paint and behind it was wet sheetrock. The contractor claimed it is because the shower is hitting it directly (he said without seeing it) but that doesn’t make sense.  The contractor has been blaming the age of the house and how the house is uneven but my first question is if the bathroom was rebuilt from the studs up, wouldn’t they have been able to install the tub correctly regardless of the age of the house?  

My second question is what options do I have?  Is the contractor required to fix this?  And advice or direction is appreciated. 

Re: Tub not level


You chose to purchase a cheap plastic tub. That is the issue overall. It looks like the deck is out of level with the tub center in the wrong direction. Meaning that the center of the tub deck is higher than the rim. So water will always flow in that direction. It could be that the center was set on a base that is a little too high. You did not state if the tub center is resting on a bed. That would also make the center of the tub deck higher than the edge. Did you state in the contract that the tub was to sit on a bed? Did you state in the contract that there is a certain amount of time that the installer will be responsible for anything/everything that may be incorrect? Has that time passed? Did you take pictures of every step the installer did? Do any pictures show a bed that the center of the plastic fixture is to rest? This is your house, you state exactly what materials are to be used in the project. You are the boss of every project that goes on in your own house. Never leave any decision to a contractor.

There are a couple options. Purchase a higher quality tub fixture. I suggest purchasing cast iron. Remove that tub and install a better quality tub. Use tile as the tub surround, since tile will not have a seam for water to travel. Seal up that seam with the proper caulk. This step will have to be repeated ever so often. But it will also cause the plastic to eventually crack because that plastic has to be able to move. Plastic is not strong enough to hold up the weight without proper support. so it must be able to move. A cast iron fixture does not have this problem.

I call fiberglass, "plastic". It is too cheap and low quality to provide proper weight support.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

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