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try to fix old wood floor or put new flooring down?

Hello all.
We have a 1950s house that we are slowly getting fixed up to sell. The kitchen area has wood flooring that has gotten a lot of wear over the years, has some marks from our moving heavy boxes on it, a few places where there is a small space between sections, and a few spots that feel soft underfoot (it may need more supports underneath for our peer and beam house).

Would it be worth it to refinish the floors or just cover over with new flooring? Have seen ceramic flooring at Home Depot and Lowes that looks good, and you can't scratch it. Not sure how that would add to or take away from the selling of the house.

Another issue is there are some stairs to another room where the stairs are soft pine (was here when we bought the house). Our dog has scratched up the wood over the years. Have refinished it before but it just got scratched up again. Is there a finish that seals in the soft pine wood where it is hard to scratch up, or would it be better to just start with new wood?

Just wanting to do some things that adds to the attractiveness of the house when selling it.

Re: try to fix old wood floor or put new flooring down?

You have to address the soft spots if you want to put a ceramic tile over the floor. You should address the soft spots if you just refinish, but that is not absolutely necessary for a refinish as it would be for ceramic tile.

Since you are planning on selling, I would try to get the most bang for the buck, and that would be refinishing. It may be more appealing to a buyer to have a ceramic tile floor, but you run the risk of spending a lot of money and then losing a buyer because they don't like the particular tile you chose. I don't think that a tile floor will add any value to the house either, it may improve marketability though, but it is a risky investment.

The stairs are another story. Again, no matter what you do, you will not add value, only marketability. I would go with refinishing first. If the stairs still look badly worn after that, and pine stairs probably would, then I would look to carpeting. You could use the same wall to wall carpeting that is in the rest of the house and cover the stairs completely or look to a runner.

the wear and tear on the stairs will be mostly in the center of each tread. Refinish the outer edges and get a nice runner to cover the middle. A runner would not have to match the carpet in the rest of the house.

BTW, by marketability, I mean the house will spend less time on the market. It will sell quicker than similar sized and priced houses around you, but not necessarily bring in a greater price. In order of marketability, consult with your real estate agent, but generally it is curb appeal, kitchen, bath.

Clean up the landscape, paint as needed. Then look at the cheap fixes that will boost the appeal of the kitchen and bathrooms.

Re: try to fix old wood floor or put new flooring down?

I agree with Keith on this one.

Whatever you don't fix, you have to disclose all known defects to the buyer, so that your azz is covered.

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