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TRV in an old coop building - steam pipe


I live in an old coop building in NYC that pumps the heat like mad. I would like to control the temperature in the rooms through a TRV. The system is a steam pipe (one pipe) iron cast radiators. I suppose it's a 2in pipe. What should I consider on installing a TRV?


Re: TRV in an old coop building - steam pipe


Master Plumber Richard Trethewey demonstrated installation of a TRV on a one-pipe steam radiator---the link is below.

But first see if you can do something with the air valve that's already on the rad--or the shutoff valve that should be on the other side of the rad.

The air vent may be inoperative & will cost less to attempt a fix or replacement than buying a TRV.

Remove the air vent & blow thru it--you should be able to easily get air thru it.

Then drop the vent into a pot of boiling water on the stove---pick it out with a pliers, & attach a piece of plastic tubing to the end & blow again---the vent should now be closed if it's working---if not, it's usually the needle valve caked with a small piece of crud---soak the vent in vinegar overnight to see if you can get it to work.

Another trick is to invert the valve on the rad & leave it that way---this should prevent excess steam from reaching your apt.


Re: TRV in an old coop building - steam pipe

Thanks for the response. The actual air valve is just replaced and working well. The problem is with the building that has little "self-control" on sending the amount of heat! I would gladly spent a couple of dollars more to be able to limit the heat in the room (automatically, without me getting up in the middle of the night and open the window or close the valve!).

The other question is where I can find an online retail for these products. I tried a couple of Hardware stores in the city and it seems I was speaking foreign language to them. Looking on the web there is a huge amount of offer (like Danfoss has huge lists of different integrated valves but i have to put together the valve, the sensor - operator- and the air valve, isn't it?). I'm kind of lost.

Any help appreciated.

Re: TRV in an old coop building - steam pipe

The first link on the previous post lists the two on-line plumbing supply dealers for the TRV made by Honeywell and Danfoss.

Enter "thermostatic radiator valve" or "TRV" in their search box to get a range of prices.

Also check local plumbing supply houses in your area, listed in the Yellow Pages under "Heating Equipment-Supplies & Parts.

Not only is the local price often just as low as on-line, but the counterman will give you some assistance on how to install the valve.

Please note that you will probably need a "right angle" version of this valve so it sits upright & allows the air vent to also sit upright.


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