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Trouble posting?

Is anyone else having trouble trying to reply to posts lately?
after a year of successfully posting replys, I can no longer bring up the reply "window". I enter my screenname and password and then re-directed and end up at the This Old House rules page, a frustrating merry-go-round!

Re: Trouble posting?

Same here, you end up having to log in twice. Looks like they made changes with the security functions.

A. Spruce
Re: Trouble posting?

I've not had problems with posting, though I do have to log in every morning, usually more than once before I'm "remembered". Nothing has changed on my end, I'm assuming TOH has been playing with the backend.

Re: Trouble posting?

ok well guess I'm the odd ball. never had any problems accessing or using this site

Re: Trouble posting?

Oh oh, maybe some of us are under the BLUE cloud.:eek:

Re: Trouble posting?

No problems posting here either....but I'm not entering a password at log-in/reply time either. Password is "remembered" for this site.

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: Trouble posting?

logging in with password and posting won't work until you've been redirected to the httpS mirror site though its not encrypted.

some of you posted on the other string about this.

Re: Trouble posting?

Once you login use http://advice.thisoldhouse.com/index.php as your bookmark. As long as you don't delete your cookies you will automatically login and go to the index page whenever you use it.

Re: Trouble posting?

Yep ... experiencing something different here as well.

Not so much as a problem with posting ... rather ... the log in seems to have changed.

Normally I come here and haven't logged in yet .... just browsing topics . When I would click on the post reply .... you would log in and it would redirect you to the comments window ..... away you go.

Now .... as ordjen mentioned .... after you log in you get redirected to the main topics page and you have to log in again ..... then you have to find the topic you were trying to post a reply to.

Also .... as bsum1 mentioned .... there may be a change in the security of this site.
I've also noticed "security" windows popping up notifying you are viewing secure and non secure items as you navigate through this site.

Like Sprucey said .... nothing has changed on this end more like TOH fiddling with their back end ( I know ..... I know .... there's a joke there :D )

Seems to coincide with them discontinuing the use of " webops1 ".

BTW ... just noticed this should have been posted in the "Tech Support" section.

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