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trouble with bathroom plumbing

Our house was built in 1954. We bought it three years ago. My husband has spent many of his days off in the bathroom doing repairs, one after another. The bathtub, although not new, is fine other than no matter what he does to the faucets the hot water makes awful banging noises when it is turned on. (It does this in the kitchen sink as well only the cold water instead of the hot) Tonight, while attempting to give my children a bath, the hot water would not come on. No matter how much you turned the faucet on, the hot water would only trickle and give out horrendous banging, clanking, and whining sounds. Is this a major repair, quick fix, total remodel or what? Thanks for your time!:confused:

Re: trouble with bathroom plumbing

Guessing you're in Texas, and knowing your house is over 40 years old, it sounds like your ancient galvanized pipes are in desparate need of replacement. This time add hammer arrestors to the system. And if you live in my fair city, or drink the water from us, get a whole house water filter. At least for the larger wee beasties.

Re: trouble with bathroom plumbing

Your current pipes are causing all your problems. If they are galv steel, they need to go, as Houston says.

Luckily you have options, and to learn more about them, start reading information on line and talk to local repipe experts, friends and family who have done this.

My choice will be type L copper pipes - the more expensive choice, but worth the price. Most repipe jobs can be completed in less than 5 days, including drywall repair. At the same time I like to install a new water heater, arrestor and an expansion tank, if needed.

BTW, vibrations are the result of poor fastening, low pressure is the result of blockages inside the pipes, rusty color or smelly water is the result of corroded pipes.


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