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Nicholas Zotter
Trip to the Home Improvement Store

I went to Lowe's yesterday to purchase 7/16 OSB paneling. To my utter surprise, the price had spiked up to $14 per sheet(same at Home Depot and Ace Hardware. What gives with these crazy prices. Last year at this time OSB was cheaper than sheet rock, about $8 - $9 dollar per sheet.
I live in Southwest Arkansas and am using the OSB to sheet my garage wall. I am afraid to use sheet rock as the climate is so wet out here. What gives with these crazy prices and will we ever see the price come back down to a more reasonable rate?

A. Spruce
Re: Trip to the Home Improvement Store

First, I would recommend plywood over OSB. Plywood will look and finish better and will hold up better in a damp/wet environment where OSB will swell. An added bonus will be that when you want to hang something the plywood will take a nail or screw much better and more easily than OSB.

As to the expense, because they can. Even with the collapse of the housing industry and financial structure of the country, material prices have not come down.Typically, material pricing does fluctuate as supply and demand dictates. Until the economy, lending, and housing market stabilize, you can look forward to continued high prices.

Re: Trip to the Home Improvement Store

imagine how it is for us in canada, up here roughly 60% of the osb and plywood produced up here is sent to the US. 20% is sent overseas and we keep whats left, everytime a large forest fire occurs in the states the demand goes way up but the supply diminishes, when this happens the price goes up by atleast 15% and where you are it goes up even more

Re: Trip to the Home Improvement Store

i talked to the local rep for engineeered lumber and plywood manufacturer. they've changed their name twice in five years...

anyhow he stated that it simply comes down to supply and demand, they had the price locked in at $8 a sheet for so long and they had cranked out such high volumes supply and demand took forever to catch up. they were finally able raise the price just recently however it wasnt gradual they did it all at once. in the past the price hikes have been do to forest fires in california and such

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