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Trim Painting

I am wanting to paint all my trim with an oil base paint and I do not know if it can be painted right over latex enamel or not. I resently purchased a gallon of oil base and as it happened, the glidden rep was at the store and I asked him if it could just be painted right over the latex enamel and would you believe he did not know. I need help.

Re: Trim Painting


Generally, it is possible to paint over interior latex paint with an oil paint. This is NOT true of exterior oil over latex. The reason for this is the difference in environment. Exterior paints are subject to wide swings in temperature, humidity and radiant heat from the sun. Latex/acrylic paints are flexible and expand and contract with temperature and humidity variations. Oil paint is ridgid and gets more brittle with age. The combination of an expanding latex coat bound to a brittle oil paint can bring a disatrous exterior paint failure.

Fortunately, interior paints are not subjected to such stresses.I would often paint over poor latex jobs with an oil based enamel undercoater primer and an oil enamel finish coat in an effort to lessen the "ropey" look left by some past painter.
Oil enamel continues to have the advantage when it comes to producing a fine looking, non-ropey, hard, durable finish. Oil enamel levels itself far better than any acrylic or latex I have run across, although they are getting better. The one downside to oil paint is that it does yellow with age.

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