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Trim or Paint Garage Doorways?

We have new vinyl exterior on my house & garage. My very good contractor is about to finish, and receommends putting trim around all windows & doorways except the two garage doors. He recommends just adding a coat of paint to the wood frame. His reasoning is that sooner or later all garage doorways get dinged, and it's easier and cheaper to paint over a ding or gouge than to replace trim.

The garage is brand new and has quite wide enough doorways. Even with the old one, we never hit the doorway with vehicles or bringing furniture in & out for storage. I also like the extra seal against water that adding the trim gives.

In looking now at garages I pass, I see that some have the trim finish and some do not. Any advice from experience? Thank you.

Re: Trim or Paint Garage Doorways?

What your contractor said is correct. Repairing vinyl is more difficult but it's mostly a preference thing, though. If you like vinyl, do it in vinyl.

At some point, if there is damage, you can figure out how to fix it at that time. Nothing will last forever so do what you like the looks of for now and don't worry about the future. It won't be a huge project anyway.

Good Luck.

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